LG Announces G Watch Which is Absolutely Waterproof and Always On


One of the greatest wars in tech is being waged right as we speak, across boardrooms, store shelves and even gigantic factory wastelands in China. It’s the war to see which company and watch will reign supreme to become the smartwatch to own and wear around your wrist. Still, as of this writing, it’s anybody’s game. Nobody has come out as a clear “must have” device over anyone else. There is no equivalent to the iPad, although one could be lurking around any corner. As such, companies are still releasing new and innovative smartwatches in the hopes that it will be the one, the Neo of smartwatches.

LG, who are no stranger to the smartwatch game, are back with a smartwatch simply called G. I guess L was already taken? In any event, this smartwatch bears much in common with rival units, namely it talks nicely with your smartphone, tracks some of your vitals and, oh yeah, tells the time. However, this watch has some new features that could make it the watch to own in the coming year. First of all, this thing is waterproof. Go ahead and swim in it. We dare you. Also, it offers ‘always on’ technology. What does this mean? Simply that the display never goes to sleep, unlike most smartwatches. So no matter when you want to gaze lovingly at it, it’ll be there for you.

These watches will come in two colors at launch, Champagne Gold and Stealth Black. Not sure why they couldn’t just call them gold and black, given the watch’s name is just G. No price or release date have been announced but it shouldn’t be too long.