LG AG-F220 passive clip-on 3D glasses are the three dimensional bee’s knees


The mad geniuses over at LG just don’t stop do they? Next up? A pair of passive clip-on 3D glasses that actually function as, well, your regular glasses. It’s true. All you have to do is clip them on to your regular glasses and you can watch and experience 3D like the rest of the world. No need for that whole humiliating “double glasses” thing.

It’s not just 3D, however. The clip-on goodness also extends to UV protection and something the company calls “seamlessly interacting with your TV.” Not sure what that one entails.

The LG AG-F220 can be purchased online at an astounding price of just $20 for a pair. That’s pretty darned cool if you ask this bespectacled freakazoid.