Lernstift Pen Corrects Your Mistakes and Makes Pocket Protectors Proud


In this modern computerized world we don’t often think about the humble pen. They occasionally rest in our pockets, complete with protector, sure but how often do we use them? We have computers everywhere we look. We have phones and tablet devices that write and correct stuff with the best of them. Why worry about old school notation devices when there are so many new school devices that do that and so much more? Well, because even pens are not invisible to the rapid encroachment of technology. The once singularly focused pen can now do a host of cool things. Case in point, one that lets you know when you make a mistake.

The Lernstift pen does just that. This beautifully designed fountain pen is outfitted with computer chips that notice when you are misspelling a word or making a grammatical mistake. It then vibrates to alert you to the error. It also syncs up with your smartphone or PC so you can track mistakes made and figure out if there are any patterns there. This kind of technology may be old hat for us old farts but it is perfect for the younger set, who are just learning what this whole writing thing is all about. The pen is also open platform, which means anyone can make an app for it so who knows what other stuff it will be able to do in coming months and years.

Guess what? The pen isn’t out yet. Guess where you can help out? If you guessed Kickstarter you get a cookie. Just a regular cookie, however. We, as a society, don’t let have the technology to equip cookies so they can let us know when we are chewing wrong. Here is a video.