Lernstift digital pen is like having a spelling coach in your pocket


Remember the Livescribe? This amazing Internet-enabled pen fit in your pocket(or pocket protector) and automatically recorded audio every single time you wrote. Then later on, as you reviewed what you had written, it played back the audio that was recorded. Add in robust cloud-support and you have one giant leap for pen-kind. Well, hold on to your hats, the humble pen is about to evolve yet again.

The husband-and-wife duo that created the original Livescribe is back and this time they’ve managed to up their own ante considerably. Introducing their Lernstift digital pen, the pen that is pretty much like having your own personal spelling and grammar coach. You see, when you are writing with this pen and make an error, say by using poor grammar or by misspelling something, it’ll vibrate and let you know. It even has a mode for younger writers that vibrates when the actual shape of a letter is off. May as well get them trained young because we all know that good penmanship is the most essential part of being successful in 2013. Wait, it’s not? Oh, nevermind.

Regardless, this IS pretty darned cool. It runs on Linux and is chock full of awesome motion and pressure sensors. It writes in ballpoint ink or straight on to several affiliated pads that are packed in with the unit. Oh yeah, just like its older Livescribe brother, this thing is Internet-capable right out of the box. Interested? We thought you might be.  Check out a video with the pen in use below. There might be a cookie in it for you. OK, no cookie. Sorry.