Lenovo Prepping Their Very Own Smartband


It used to be ‘Rolling Stones or Beatles?’ and ‘Blur or Oasis?’ It used to be ‘Coke or Pepsi?” and ‘paper or plastic?” The new society-defining question may just be ‘smartband or smartwatch?” Companies seem to be prepping both of them at a rapid clip and, sure, they tend to share a lot of the same features but that doesn’t keep people, and companies, from staking their claim to one or the other. Lenovo, who you may remember from making that cheap computer you are currently reading this on, is back in a big way with their very own smartband. Let the war commence!

Their smartband, which doesn’t have a name yet, was recently spotted via a FCC filing, although it was rumored to be coming for the past several months, we just never had anything official to rest our heads upon. Well, now we do. It’ll work via the magic of Bluetooth and, just like similar devices, will keep an eye on your exercise and sleeping habits. As far as what phones and tablets it’ll work with, it has been said to be supported by iOS, Android and Windows devices, which means pretty much all of them, minus some bits and bobs.

Of course, Lenovo is a Chinese company and they have not suggested, formally, that the product will be arriving stateside, or anywhere but China for that matter. However, an FCC filing in America does suggest they are planning to bring it to the West at some point in the near future. In the meantime, just wear a regular armband and pretend it knows how poorly you’ve been sleeping.