Lenovo Eyewear Device is Trying to Out-Glass the Competition


To those that don’t follow every minute detail of the wearable technology industry, it would seem as though Google has a lock on this so-called smart eyeglasses thing. However, there have been rumblings, major rumblings, from other big companies who are also dipping their toes in what used to be Google’s waters. Not to mention, Google has had years to put this thing into consumer’s hands and they still haven’t released a consumer model. Also, the price is not exactly right with this one, with Glass clocking in at $1,500 or more for early adopters. In short, it’s anybody’s game. Here is another competitor.

Lenovo, who are better known for making laptops and other computer doodads, have seemingly thrown their hat into the smartglasses ring(this ring sits virtually about a foot from your retina.) The Chinese company has filed for a US patent for a device that looks auspiciously similar to Google Glass. This patent indicates that the device will feature touch navigation and a heretofore un-heard emphasis on voice quality. This would go down via a bone-conducting microphone right on the bridge of your nose(don’t sneeze.) In theory, this would offer some privacy as you could speak quietly and the person on the other end should be able to hear every word real crystal-like.

Of course, this is only a patent application and, as such, it doesn’t necessarily mean this object of our desires will actually be manufactured, although this definitely points things in that direction. We’ll let you know more when there is more to know. In the meantime, start saving up for that $1,500 Glass.