LED Tetris Tie Merges Businesswear and Gaming


Here at Crunchwear, we love the 80s. There’s nothing we like better then watching our favorite classic flicks while wearing a Ronald Reagan mask and chowing down on a McDLT(keeps the hot side hot and the cold side cold.) We also love playing our favorite childhood video games. Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and, of course, Tetris. Tetris has cut a swath through pop culture since its original release way back on the Gameboy. Nowadays you can play it on just about any device you own and, speaking of wearable technology, you can even play it on a humble necktie. 

Bill Porters, a guy who is no stranger to creating wacky stuff, has created this necktie that does indeed play a mighty fine game of Tetris. It’s powered via LED lights and a mini-controller. The only caveat? He hasn’t quite yet mastered projecting a playable version of the game on the tie itself. What you are seeing are pre-rendered images that he has programmed to emulate a natural game of Tetris. Don’t worry. He’s working on it. Knowing Mr. Porter, he just might succeed.

As you can see in the video below, however, it is a mighty cool piece of wearable tech. Were you to wear this to your next party, you would most certainly be the talk of the town. You’d also probably get that one person you crush on to finally talk to you. Wink wink, nudge nudge. In any event, this tie is not available for purchase but, given its kitsch value, we’d hope that to change sometime in the near future.