Here is an LED Tail to Keep Your Horses Safer


Not every piece of wearable technology has to be for humans. Animals, particularly ones we hang around a lot, deserve their entries in the wearable tech canon as well. To that end the industry has delivered. There are all kinds of doodads and thingamajigs designed with pets in minds. Dogs and cats have all kinds of awesome things they can wear around their collars and on their person. Horses though? Not so much. Dogs are cute and all, but we can’t ride them across the wild west. Horses should get some wearable tech too! Don’t worry. Here is some.

Introducing Tail Lights, the LED tail light that you hang on your horse. Why would you hang an LED tail light on your favorite ride-able little buddy? Well, to keep it safe. You see, sometimes horses walk around at night and sometimes(all of the time) it is very dark at night. This can lead to accidents. These lights pin on the horses’s tail, keeping the equines lit up even in the darkest nights. Aint no way a car will be running into your precious little Mr. Ed with this thing on. The lights can also be programmed with various types of cascades, which allow the lighting system to be seen during the day as well.

This isn’t on horse supply store shelves yet, however. The creators of Tail Lights have shimmied on to Kickstarter to finish up funding. You can pre-order your own for just $160, which is a small price to pay for the continued safety of your Seabiscuit.