LED Bracelets by Leah Buechley


LED Bracelets by Leah Buechley

The nice and chic looking LED Bracelet from Leah Buechley is a concept I liked from the first day I have seen it on her site.The latest version of her LED Bracelet was also part of the efashion show during the UnRavel event this week.

Leah created the first version of the LED Bracelet back in 2005. The Bracelet is made by weaving on a traditional bead loom out of beads, conductive thread and surface mount LEDs.

The display of the bracelet has a 5×10 matrix that can be programmed with animations like cellular automata and scrolling text.

LED Bracelets by Leah Buechley

Leah’s most recent version build earlier this year is almost as thin and flexible as traditional beaded jewelry, controlled with surface mount electronics and soft circuitry and powered with flexible Lithium-ion batteries.

The new bracelet got motion-sensing which enables a communicating wearable display that changes the light pattern according to the input from the motion sensor.

A Bluetooth module for wireless communication is also integrated into the bracelet to interact with laptops, PDAs and cell phones as well as each other and other Wearable Electronic products that are Bluetooth enabled. Information send by those devices can we visualized in the light pattern on the bracelet.

Check out the video clip on Leah’s Website to see the LED Bracelet in full action.