LeBron X basketball shoes use Nike+ technology to measure your leaping distance


lebron x 1
You know what they say, white men can’t jump. But how do they know that? It’s not like there is any innovative technology on the market that actually measures jumping ability. That’d be ludicrous talk that would surely get you laughed at by both Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. Of course, that movie was made in the halcyon days of the early 1990s and, since then, a lot has changed. Why, there’s a little something called the Internet now. There’s also something called super hi-tech basketball shoes.

Nike is back and has implemented their Nike+ technology into a just announced pair of basketball shoes. LeBron X are not only a snazzy pair of kicks, as seen above, but they also use that embedded technology to accurately measure your leaping distance. It’s not just jumping distance measured, either. The shoes feature built in sensors that measure everything from your steps to your lunges and leaps, and then sends the data to a related smart phone app. Now your coach will truly know when to send you to run more laps around the track or to drop and give him/her twenty.

These shoes have just been formally announced by the company but are coming to sneaker retailers soon. Expect the first pairs to start showing up in stores sometime in September. Get ready to leap for joy! Actually, hold that leap. They are expected to cost somewhere around $315. Nike will also be selling models without the embedded technology, which are expected to sell for $180. Here is a leaked video that feature the shoes in action, along with some more photos.