Leap Motion Technology Translates Sign Language



It can be very frustrating for deaf people to try to communicate with others who might not understand sign language. Well new technology has been designed that can translate sign language. It uses Leap Motion technology, and two Portuguese designers, Catarina Araujo and Sofia Santos, are developing it. ,

Two Sydney-based Portuguese developers have come up with technology that can track hand movements and then translate those hand movements into English. Those translations will appear on a small screen on the device, making interactions with someone who is hearing impaired much easier and more natural. Not only can the device translate sign language, but it can also be worn around the users neck to better facilitate interactions with others.

The pair of developers behind the technology has made it to the second phase of the Tedx youth competition, based in Sydney, Australia. The 4 winners of the competition will get a mentor to help them develop their idea.

This is not the first device that has been made for the hearing impaired, but it certainly seems to be one of the most easy to use and handy in everyday situations. Not only that, but it is also a low-cost device, enabling more people to be able to buy and use it. Other devices that have been created include a set of sensor fitted gloves.