Latest From Adafruit – The Smart Helmet



Adafruit is making headlines almost every week it seems, and they seem to be coming up with new products left, right and center. Their latest DIY project is what they call a “smart helmet”, which navigates the user to where they want to go, and, like many of their other products, even displays a light show!

While the helmet is currently kind of tedious because of the fact that users have to manually enter in coordinates and it’s not easy to change paths as you go, it is still a great idea. Essentially, the helmet let’s the user know where to go through a series of lights and flashes. The rest of the lights on the helmet are for show! Who doesn’t like a bit of flash in their helmets?

The great thing about this helmet is that it eliminates the need to be looking at your smartphone or listening to your headphones while your cycling, which are both activities that are generally regarded as unsafe. The wearer can continue to look at the road, and know where to go through the blinking lights on their helmet. While the safest option is still simply to know where you’re supposed to go, this might just be the next best thing!

The helmet, like many of their other products, is based on the Adaruit Flora. If you don’t know about the Adafruit Flora, it’s essentially Adafruits wearable technology platform, and is the basis behind most of their wearable technology.

The Arduino Smart Helmet is also a DIY project, and you can find out how to build your own on their website. Check it out for yourself!