Laster SeeThru smart glasses are privacy aware



While companies releasing smart glasses are all the rage, the concept is still fairly new, and because of that there’s still some privacy issues that need to be ironed out. Laster Technologies is one of those companies that are creating augmented reality headsets with their new SeeThru glasses, but it seems like they have a bit more of a handle on the privacy side of it.

Now, there’s no special technology behind being more privacy aware. In fact, there’s just a lack of technology. Laster Technologies essentially left a camera out of their device in order to protect the privacy of people around the user.

The French company claims that the device is “wireless augmented reality eyewear”. Basically, the device uses the processor of user’s smartphone which it connects to via Bluetooth. It then is able to take calls, listen to music, display e-mails, and so on. Laster also is reportedly developing a number of apps for different situations.

The device also allows for hand-free navigation and apps, allowing users to be able to use the device while their driving, or just when they can’t use their hands. For example, there is a sailing app that displays things like boat speed and wind speed and direction.

Another app would be useful for a pilot, as the device allows you to monitor things like airplane instrumentation. It also allows for you to have a head-up display with augmented reality capabilities.

As mentioned before, you can use the device for in-car navigation, but that extends to your car, motorcycle, skateboard, or even while you’re walking. If the navigation information is available on the Internet, you can view it. You can also browse the Internet, play music and games, and even read e-books.

According to Laster, the image quality of the device is superior to any other augmented reality device on the market, including Google Glass, which it claims to have beat with a vision field that is 2-3 times larger. The resolution of the device is 800 x 600 pixels, with an aspect ratio of either 4:3 or 16:9. Because of the fact that much of the processing power is done through the smartphone, the device also has long battery life, and Laster Technologies claims that it lasts between 6 and 8 hours on a single charge.

The device also features the gyroscope sensors, accelerometers and compasses. Furthermore, it has GPS tracking and built-in audio.  While it may not be the most hyped device on the market, it’s definitely one that you should keep an eye (pun intended) on.

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Source: Laster Kickstarter