Kreyos Meteor: The Voice and Gesture Controlled Smartwatch


Smartwatches are starting to become all the rage among gadget lovers, and some big name companies are beginning to cash in on the craze. Apple and Samsung are two of the technology giants who are competing for the smartwatch market, but there are many smaller companies in the running. One of these, Kreyos, promises to give the larger companies a run for their money with the Meteor, a smartwatch concept that is currently being funded through Indiegogo, the well known crowd funding website.


At the time of writing, the initial $100,000 funding goal has been greatly exceeded, having already passed half a million dollars. That is a great start for an even greater potential product.

Smartwatch Basics

Smartwatches have come a long way since their initial inception in 1982. Back then, the first smart watches were capable of only storing a very limited amount of information – 24 digits, in fact. While not much, it was enough to store a couple of names and telephone numbers. Today, however, smartwatches are so technologically advanced that they are practically wrist computers instead of simple calculators and phone books.

These days the smartwatches come with a wide range of built in features, from GPS to the ability to play MP3 and video. But none, so far, can hold a candle to the Kreyos Meteor, perhaps one of the most advanced smartwatches yet.

How the Kreyos Meteor Differs From Other Smartwatches

imagesOne of the key features of the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch is the ability to use gestures and voice to control the device, rather than having to press tiny buttons on the watch itself. The device connects via bluetooth 4.0 to any iOS, Windows Phone or Android device. By simply using voice commands the Meteor can answer incoming phone calls, make appointments, send tweets, and even reply to emails and text messages.

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch also features a three axis gyroscope that traces the movements of your hand through the air. This enables you to assign different gestures to control simple functions like skipping back and forth between songs. The smartwatch will ship with four gestures already preloaded, but an SDK (Software Development Kit) will be required to define more.

The Meteor touts a pretty impressive battery life – a full week’s worth of basic usage from a single charge, which is accomplished via a USB powered charging cradle. And perhaps best of all is the ability to change the look of the smartwatch by simply swapping out the wrist band.

Although the smartwatch is basically a device that connects to a smartphone, it does have the ability to work in a more limited capacity without being connected. The Meteor includes a handful of built in widgets that will continue to operated without syncing. Among these are an activity tracker, a calendar and, of course, a normal clock and countdown timer.


Kreyos Meteor Availability

The Kreyos Meteor is still currently in the initial funding stage, and there is no firm launch date yet. However, the developer expects the device to be available to the general public in November 2013.