Kreyos Meteor Smart Watch is Gesture and Voice Controlled


The whole benefit of a smart watch is the elimination of the need to reach into your pocket every time you hear that skinny block that rests inside of it buzz. This goes double if you store your phone in a handbag and have to sift through years of accumulated garbage every time you get a text message. Yes. We should all live our lives differently, but that ship has already sailed and lets make the best of it. Smart watches keep in constant contact with our phones and at the touch of a wrist we can be doing just about everything we do by lugging that hunk out of junk out of our pockets. What if we could do all of this without even touching our wrists, however? Wouldn’t that be cool? Yes it would.

Kreyos is looking to be the hot new smart watch maker on the scene and, as such, they have just officially unveiled their Meteor line of watches. These do everything current smart watches do except for two major, and heretofore brand new, features. You can control them gestures and with your voice. The tyranny of having to press our meaty fingers to our pathetic wrists is almost over! You can customize the hand gestures to suit your taste and the face of the watch is actually detachable and can function as a necklace if you are into that sort of thing. All in all, this seems like pretty nifty tech.

As far as when this thing and if this thing is actually coming out, well that depends on the kindness of strangers. They’ve taken to crowdsourcing to finish funding for the watch. You can get your own for around $100.