Koyono iPod Shirt


ipodsurf3.jpgAlthough we’ve reported about Wearable Electronic products related to the colder winter season, we haven’t forgotten about our readers lucky enough to live in the warmer parts of this world.

Earlier this year we covered the more warmer range of iPod enabled Jackets from Koyono and today, we introduce you to the BlackCoat Surf Edition, a short sleeve shirt from Koyono.

The Surf Edition Shirt offers all the benefits of outerwear but in a shape and weight that can be worn throughout the summer.

It can be worn over a T-shirt or tank. The Surf gives you plenty of place to stow belongings you would otherwise have to drop in a bag or dangle off your body somehow.

If an iPod is a critical accessory for you, that’s the best and unquestionable coolest way to carry it. The Surf Edition has a special iPod pocket and an interface for controlling your iPod while it stays tucked away. ipodsurf1.jpg

Koyono has partnered with Eleksen, makers of ElekTex smart fabric interfaces, to integrate the, we might say by now standard, five-button controls into our Shirt. 

These controls allow for full functionality of your iPod without removing it from the Shirt. Easy access to your tunes without missing a beat is finally here.

The Surf Edition has a minimal appearance design and is made from the best fabric materials.  A breathable stretch cotton with Nano(r) water repellant technology makes up the exterior and is available in the colors Black or Sandstone.

The Surf Edition, iPod enabled shirt costs only $169.- when ordered directly via Koyono’s online store.

To see more images of the Surf  Edition shirt, follow this link and enjoy.