Koyono BlackCoat Work


blackcoatKOYONO is making their entry into Wearable Electronics with the lauch of a range of Jackets in their famous BlackCoat line. The first Jackets are designed for spring and summer use. This separates Koyono as all the other Jackets in the Wearable Electronic range have been for active outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts.

Named The BlackCoat Work, this jacket is made from lightweight water resistant stretch cotton. The BlackCoat Work jacket is made for Apple iPods. The controls for the iPod are integrated into the Jacket, as well as a fully washable textile keypad from Eleksen. The BlackCoat Work is priced at $179 USD.

Koyono has planned to release more designs with this functionality including coats named Sport and Minimal, and a surprise garment innovation for summer. Prices will range from $149 to $1,000 USD.

You can order the BlackCoat Work directly by visiting the Koyono-shop.