Koyono BlackCoat Work Premiere


Koyono BlackCoat Koyono was one of the first fashion companies launching iPod enabled jackets early 2006 and maintains since then their iPod Fashion collection with 4 different styles and color choices.Koyono, like Zegna, serves the boys with their clothing lines, no girl stuff around.

How about the BlackCoat Work Premiere, a hybrid tech travel jacket with special, Koyono calls it ‘revolutionary’ waterproof materials. The Premiere has waist length with a clean cut that goes with jeans or slacks. Perfect for business, casual or more active adventures like ‘hiking’ around the city.

The iPod control is discretely integrated inside the label area allowing to control your iPod with a slight touch on the label. Using Elektex smart fabric controls, the Premiere is fully washable without any limitations. Just be sure you take out the iPod before throwing the jacket into the washing machine.

What I like most on the BlackCoat Work Premiere is the placement of the iPod control: discretely hidden inside the label. The Premiere Edition has also a more downtown appearance than the other BlackCoat Work models. It is the made for the iPod and the casual city life.

The BlackCoat Work Premiere goes for $ 220.- not that bad for this good looking jacket and can be ordered directly by Koyono.