Koss Striva Tap Wireless Earbuds: Luxury Audio You Can Wear

Koss Striva Tap

Koss, an audio company that usually makes wireless headphones, is usually pretty affordable. However, the Koss Striva Tap wireless earbuds are the complete opposite, the $500 wireless earbuds are the epitome of luxury, and popular enough that even at the price, they frequently sell out. So what makes these earbuds so special? Koss Striva Tap

Koss Striva Tap

Koss Striva TapThe Koss Striva Tap earbuds are revolutionary earbuds that use wifi for sound. This means that they are more reliable than Bluetooth earbuds and that they can access music and internet radio stations anywhere where there is internet. While this does not make them suitable for going outdoors to listen to music, you can walk around your entire house, the library, or anywhere with a wifi hotspot without giving up the sound in your earbuds. In addition, you can also plug them in to your MP3 player or mobile phone just like you would regular earbuds.

How Does it Work?

With no strap or cords to help keep them in place, the Striva Tap relies on a series of very fitted ear plugs that you can change out until you find the one best suited for your ears. This is important as if one falls out, you could loose it very easily. The Striva Tap comes with a streaming device and a CAP (Content Access Point) that you can plug into your devices to stream music from them to your headphones. Without any controls, the Striva Tap can be programmed to a series of internet radio stations and channels, and you can then flip through them by simply tapping on the side of your earbuds. You can also turn up the volume by sliding your finger up the length of the earbuds. While the fact that the earbuds only have one button, which is the power button, might be confusing, it does allow them to be sleeker, and more modern. Learning the gestures should only take most people a few minutes, so once adjusted to, it’s a relatively simple process that mostly gets rid of the need to find or press tiny buttons. Because you can easily switch through music channels and songs, you won’t have to worry about listening to anything you don’t wan to, and because it uses WiFi rather than Bluetooth, the signal is significantly better than Bluetooth. In fact, this is something that Koss has had issues with before as their traditional Bluetooth headsets aren’t usually rated well for connectivity. However, with WIFi, you don’t have to worry about the range, and can instead listen wherever you have internet. Koss Striva Tap

Why You Might Not Want One

While the Koss Striva Tap look awesome, they do have some major flaws. For example, at $500 you might expect top of the line crisp audio to rival Bose or Beats by Dr Dre. Unfortunately, that’s not what you’re going to get. While not low end by any means, these earbuds don’t deliver high fidelity sound. In fact, they’re about the same quality that you might get a standard pair of headphones for for about $60.  Essentially, you’re paying an additional more than $400 to go hands and wire free. Is it worth it? Probably not.