KOR-FX Haptic Vest Lets You Feel Game Damage On Your Chest


Throughout recent history, game designers have tried to think of novel ways to make gaming feel, well, real. This technology has come in many forms, starting with the computer monitor itself. Afterwards, there came rumble packs, second screen interaction and, of course, VR helmets like the Oculus Rift. However, no matter what kind of technology exists, we could never actually emulate the pain of getting shot in the chest with an alien-invented laser beam, could we? That would hurt, and be somewhat dangerous according to this useless sect of people called “doctors.” Don’t be so fast. This new vest claims to do just that.

Introducing the caps-loving KOR-FX vest. This tech-forward vest uses haptic technology, similar to what is used in rumble packs actually, to create the sensation of getting shot in the chest with an alien-invented laser beam. Yay? Yay! It’s designed to fit just about any body that exists in nature and even works wirelessly, which means it can work in tandem with other gaming-enhancing devices like VR treadmills and, yeah, that Oculus Rift thing nobody talks about ever. It doesn’t just work for your chest either. It can make your arm feel like it got shot as well. Yay? Yay!

You can pre-order them now, if you are so inclined, even though no final price has been set. The release date hasn’t exactly been set either, but the makers say it’ll be by the end of the year. Here is a related video!