Koga’s Bergmönch Backpack Scooter is a transforming delight


There are some cool backpacks out there. We can vouch that, until now, none of these transformed into a usable scooter. Koga has created the Bergmönch backpack scooter. The name literally translates to “mountain monk” and after riding one for a few blocks you’ll understand why.

It’s designed to be a collapsible scooter & backpack-in-one that can be carried hands-free up a mountain during your ascent, and ridden back down during your descent. See? Perfect for mountainous monks. The transformation is smooth and surprisingly easy, for something that weighs more than a toy. It’s not even that heavy when being worn as a backpack. Best of both worlds, like when Captain Picard becomes a Borg. Wait..

Anyways, you should get one if you are that outdoorsy type of person that drinks healthful juice and believes we are all connected or something. Speaking of connected, this thing will connect to your wallet for the steep price of $2,150. Freedom aint free.