Klymit Ulaar jacket keeps you perfectly temperate using pockets of argon gas(really)


There are always old ways of doing things before new technologies smash them out of existence. Remember rotary telephones? External modems? ALF? This same endless march of innovation can, of course, also be applied to the heated clothing industry. For far too long we’ve been living under the tyranny of the “old way” of heating our clothes during those gruesome winter months. Feel too warm and stuffy? Too bad, get a job. Feel too cold? Should have packed better, smart guy. Those days are over, thanks to tech-savvy clothing company Klymit.

Klymit’s Ulaar jacket(say that ten times fast) not only keeps you warm during those nasty Game of Thrones-esque winters, it lets you efficiently adjust the level of your warmth on the fly. How in heck does it do that? With the magic of argon gas. Yes, the same argon gas used in graphite electric furnaces and deliciously colored laser beams is now slumming it in your winter jacket. Argon, argon. It’s 2012! Guys like an intelligent, accomplished gas particle now more than ever. There is no reason to play dumb by warming our clothing.

But if you insist, the Ulaar is filled to the brim with pockets of inert argon gas. The amount can be adjusted at will, which helps fend off those despicable elements as you see fit. The best part? Being as how the warming-function works using gas, there is no extra weight involved. This is one lightweight jacket. However, not quite as lightweight as the 2013’s model which is to be powered by helium(just kidding.)

Klymit says the Ulaar will be ready to protect our tender, tender bodies by fall, just in time for cramping around fireplaces and making corn-cob pipe snowmen. The company has yet to announce a price, but ask any graphite electric furnace manufacturer, argon don’t come cheap.