Klip is a Pretty Cool Head-Mounted Computer Display



It wasn’t so long ago that the notion of a wearable computer display was something out of science fiction. Cyborg overlords wore that kind of thing, not regular people trying to get work done! However, ever since Google Glass showed the world that, yes, this tech is real and it is not going anywhere, the floodgates have opened. We report on this kind of thing fairly often and, let us tell you, it is a deluge out there. There are so many wearable displays coming down the pike it’ll make your head spin(None actually have the tech to do that yet.) Here is another one.
The Klip wearable display is aptly named, as it clips to hats or eyewear with ease. It can stream data, pictures and video to one eye, which is useful for stuff you need to do as you conduct business in the real world. It’s also highly useful for cyclops(they love wearable technology.) It supposedly tricks the user into seeing a 32 inch screen that is placed approximately two meters away. Klip connects to a variety of sources, including laptops and tablets to source the data that is sent to your ever-loving eyeball. Of course, it also includes headphone sockets so you can hear stuff as well. No use in being able to see without hearing.

Now here is where you come in. Klip needs funding to get out there into the world so people can start watching Youtube videos with one eyeball while they pretend to do other stuff. The makers of said display have turned to Kickstarter to raise money. You can become an early adopter by plunking down $349 and waiting until next year. Not bad, not bad. Here is a vid.