Klingg Earphone Cable Holder


Klingg Red
Most people like to listen to music while they workout, but nothing can ruin that workout more than having to constantly pop your earbuds back into your ears after knocking them out with your arm or hands. That’s why the new Klingg earphone holder is a great new invention. It keeps your earbuds out of the way to avoid the possibility of you knocking them out.

The small device is very simple. Its made up of a plastic body with rubber grip points for the cable. The back of the contraption detaches and reattaches magnetically.

Basically, the way that it works is that you detach the back of the holder, and then place the backside of it on the inside of your shirt. The cable attaches inside the holder. The magnet is strong enough to stay in place on your shirt, and the cable is kept out of the way.

The device does exactly as it’s supposed to. It keeps your earbud chord out of the way without being heavy enough to be noticeable. This will be really helpful during those workout sessions, and will help you to be able to focus on what you’re doing rather than what your earbuds are doing.