The Kisai Spider Acetate – a puzzle on your wrist



Last week we introduced you to the TokyoFlash Rorschach wristwatch, a watch that told the time, but only if you could solve the puzzle of how it tells the time. Well it seems that TokyoFlash has come up with another puzzler for you! It’s called the TokyoFlash Kisai Spider and its TokyoFlash’s newest concept watch.

TokyoFlash has been releasing a watch every month for a while, and the Kisai Spider is the latest of their designs. The way Tokyoflash decides on the designs for its watched is that they post a number of designs to their website, and people can vote on whatever they think is the best design.

This particular watch is pretty simple – it is a quart watch with an LCD screen and LED light for low light situations. Despite its simplicity, this watch will cost you a cool $159. The real difference in this watch is how you’re supposed to tell the time. Like the Rorschach wristwatch, the Kisai Spider Acetate is a puzzle.

One of the other cool features about this watch is its transparent display, which TokyoFlash seems to be making a big deal about. “The innovative Kisai Spider Acetate watch uses transparent LCD to create the illusion that time is floating on your wrist.”

The Kisai Spider Acetate certainly is a cool idea, and if you’re looking for a puzzle to solve every time you want to check the time then this might be the watch for you!