Kidwalker NT Robot for Children


Gone are the days when the sandpit digger in the park are enough for children. These days they need a $21,000 robot ride to have fun.

The new Kidwalker NT i has been improved over the 2010 version, called the Landwalker. The Kidwalker NT is a gasoline powered beast of a machine for children, and now features a protective chest plate as well as moving arms. The arms can be fitted with different pieces, a drill piece and a gripper piece, and move via throttle controls inside the cockpit.

The legs don’t actually walk, however leg movement has been added to the robot for realism effects. While it is rather pricey, 8 units have already been sold, and they can be rented for a day if you are like almost everyone, and doesn’t have 21K to spend on a gasoline powered robot for your child.