Kiddo is childs play


Kiddo is a wearable smart band for kids that monitors your child’s health, activity, and sleep levels and sends you daily insights via the companion app.

Ever wondered whether your child is feeling ok, sleeping well, eating well and getting enough exercise? What about when they are away from home, at school or with a babysitter? The Kiddo aims to provide data and insights to back up a parent’s instinct – giving you peace of mind that everything is ok and the knowledge that you’ll be alerted if it’s not.

Kiddo is worn on your child’s wrist, measuring their vital bio signs, learning what is normal for them and detecting unusual patterns. Unlike other products on the market, the Kiddo is fun and empowering for kids and parents alike.The 4-in-1 sensor measures vital bio-signs such as skin temperature, heart rate, skin perspiration and motion. The sensor’s compact size helps us keep the Kiddo small and comfortable. The makers claim that the Kiddo is non-allergenic, safe and does not emit harmful radiation.

The campaign on Kickstarter can be found here