Kick it old school with BiGR Audio’s Bruce Lee Headphones


bruce lee headphones 1
For budding cinephiles, nothing hits the spot like a Bruce Lee flick. There is just something so natural, so right about taking in a kung fu double feature with your special someone while you dork out over a giant tub of popcorn. Extra points if the theater you are watching in is dilapidated and old. But once you leave those hallowed cinematic grounds, how can you tell the world you are in the tank for the master of karate? T-shirts are passe. Tattoos are ridiculous. That leaves, oddly, only headphones.

BiGR Audio has got you covered. They have just released a pair of Bruce Lee branded headphones that even come in a snazzy bamboo case(complete with an etching of a dragon.) They went all-in on the retro flavor when it comes to the design on these ‘phones. They look like something Bruce Lee himself might have owned. From the ultra-huge Sony-esque earcups to the sliders, these things scream early 80s.  That might not be everyone’s cup of kava but for the select few these will be like headphone manna from the Gods.

The Bruce Lee model is available right now. How much will all of this black belting set you back? Around $130. Still, it might just be worth it for huge fans. Why go for rapper-endorsed headphones when you get a pair endorsed from one of the Godfather’s of action cinema. Also, it must be noted, he is dead. That’s some next level stuff by BiGR Audio to snag that endorsement! Good looking out guys.