Keyglove – OSHW project that enables one-handed computer control


We’ve talked about Jeff Rowberg’s Keyglove before, but he has since made some vital improvements that are worth noting. Gone are the QWERTY inputs in favor of one-handed control. All you have to do is rub your fingers together in a pre-specified fashion and you will be tweeting with the best of them.

Mr. Rowberg intends this it be used in the mobile world, as he says that traditional mobile keyboards are “”either too big to be portable, or too small to be easy to use.” Can’t say he is wrong there, that is for sure.

Keyglove is an Arduino and AVR-powered device that features an accelerometer for mouse movements. Also, think of how much you’ll rule at Doodle Jump while wearing this thing.

The creator is still looking for donations so he can finish the project. Send him a donation here.