This Keychain is Actually a One-Button Smartphone Remote


Have you ever wanted to control something on your smartphone when it was just out of reach? You can’t be expected to get up and do it. That’s a whole lot of needless calorie expenditure and you gotta keep a hold on them for your hours of Netflix watching and pizza watching. Seriously, though, there are situations in which a remote control for your phone would be extremely handy. Let’s say someone else is using it and you want them to stop, or just to mess with them. Let’s say an alarm is going off in the other room or you want to change a song and its plugged in, charging. There are really a whole boatload of reasons why this tech would be useful.

Well, guess what? Qmote is a tiny, little remote for your smartphone that also doubles as a keychain. It has a unique one-button design that still manages to be intuitive. In short, even though it only has one button you’ll still be able to do most of the stuff you want to do with it. Gone are the days of having to lift that heavy, heavy smartphone in order to shut the ringer off. No, but, imagine the possibilities with wireless presentations and other situations where fiddling with a phone just simply isn’t ‘right.’

The good news? It’s also water resistant, so go for that dip. The bad news? It’s not out yet. The designers have jumped on over to Kickstarter to raise some finishing funds, which they have done in less than a day. Get on the ground floor and pre-order your own Qmote for around $15.