KEF M Series Hifi Headphones are Like Having Speakers Attached to Your Ears


The life of an audiophile can be a cruel one indeed. Just when you think you’ve nailed down your home sound system, something else comes out to uproot your entire notion of what does and doesn’t sound good. And don’t get me started on headphones. Headphones, at best, do not accurately represent the kind of musical magic one hears from a great set of home speakers. At least, that is, until now. Companies have slowly but surely been trying to reproduce hifi audio for the not-at-home market. These new mega-headphones could change everything.

A company called KEF, who are actually quite well known by audiophiles for their various lines of home speaker set ups, have finally entered the headphone ring. Their just announced M Series line are about as hifi as you can get with something either sticking into or surrounding your ear. The on-ear cups are called the M500s and the in-ear buds are called M200s. The M500s feature an aluminum frame for durability and supreme sound replication and the buds are no slouch either. They all feature something called the ‘DDD’ system which works to create the kinds of dynamic lows and mids that headphones usually don’t have.

You can get your hands on either of these really soon for a somewhat reasonable price given their audiophile pedigree. The cup M500s will set you back about $300 and the bud M200s clock in at around 2/3rds of that at $200. Now you’ll finally get what all the fuss is about regarding Pink Floyd! Check out a video and more pictures below.