Kaventsmann Bomb Proof Watch


While smart watches such as the iWatch and the Microsoft Watch seem to be the next big thing, it is unlikely that any of these devices will be able to withstand what the Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2 can. This new watch can withstand c-4 explosions, and come out with barely a scratch.

Kaventsmann Uhren, a one-man company run by Michael Barahona, is the company behind the watch. All of his watches are hand made, down to each working part inside the watch. This particular watch is made using shock-resistant phosphor bronze, along with a domed polycarbonate crystal. The watch also comes with a set of leather straps by Dangerous9staps.

The watch has been tested at 3000 meters under the sea, and has also been tested with a 10lb charge of C-4, coming out with only a few minor scratches and a knocked out timing movement. Since this test the watch has been further strengthened.

Only 30 watches have been made, and each of them have already been reserved, so for now it seems that they are off the market. Despite this, we may see another batch in the future!