Kapture – The Recording Device That Is Always On



While smartwatches seem to be the next big thing as far as wearable technology goes, there are also other types of wrist-worn technology. For example there are a number of fitness monitors that are meant to be worn on your wrist. Apart from that, there is also a new wrist-worn product called the Kapture.

As the name suggests, the Kapture is aimed at capturing audio. But it’s not simply a microphone that you strap to your wrist. The goal of the capture is to allow the user to have another option of sharing memories.

With the tap of a button the Kapture can record and share 60 seconds of a conversation or any other audio that is nearby. Not only that, but the device is constantly on and ready 24 hours a day.

The idea is great. Often we like to capture memories through the use of a camera or something similar, but those memories are often forced. With the use of the Kapture you can spontaneously capture audio that is really happening and without forcing anything. The people that created Kapture suggest things like a childs reaction to something or audio from a family reunion.

Of course you could also use the Kapture to hold people accountable for things that they say, although that’s not really the point of the product.

The Kapture is a great idea, however it is not currently available to purchase. A Kickstarter is being launched for the product, and they hope to raise $150,000 from that campaign. The people behind the product then hope to release the product to the general public in March 2014. When the Kapture is finally released, it is expected to run for $99 for black or white, or $130 for a color. There is also a rumored gold plated capture that will run for $300.