Kapture Always-On Recording Device Funded On Last Day



A while back we brought the Kapture wristband to you, which is a device that is aimed at capturing audio. But it’s not simply a microphone strapped to your wrist. Instead, the goal of the device is to capture memories throughout your life. Well the Kapture recently finished their Kickstarter and made it through funding on their last day.

The Kapture allows the user to record 60 second parts of their day. This can range from conversations to ambient noise to the television playing in the background.

At the end of their campaign, Kapture had raised $162,386 towards their project, a little more than their $150,000 goal. This should allow for the Kapture to be produced on a larger sale and for the device to be sold elsewhere as well.

Towards the end of their campaign, Kapture also unveiled the Kapture Klip, which is essentially a clip on version of their product to be clipped to your shirt. The main microphone part of this is able to be attached to the wrist worn version of it, so essentially you can turn your Kapture into a wrist band or a clip on device.

The device is also set to include Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with other Bluetooth compatible devices, allowing you to hear the audio you capture and to share it.

The Kapture is available in a number of different colors to suit different styles, and should be shipped to people who pledged for one by next March.