Kanguru Smartowel features a handy, dandy smartphone pocket


kanguru smartowel 1
The ever-increasing world of wearable technology does not ignore our favorite bathroom companions, towels. In the recent past we’ve seen towels embedded with RFID chips and even given the ability to read your brainwaves. Towels, never one to accept technological stagnation, demand even more innovation! Well, they demanded and a company called Kanguru, typically known for USB flash drives, listened.

Debuted at the IFA electronics show in Germany, Kanguru’s Smartowel makes like Optimus Prime and transforms. You can wear it like a toga, if you are feeling particularly Roman, or you can wear it like a tunic if you are feeling particularly, uh, tunic-like. The towel, created in concert with an Italian manufacturer called Lavatelli, features a front-based pocket that one can store their smartphone or other device in while they are drying off, lounging or whatever else it is people do while dressed in only a towel.

Sure, those are about the only things that make the Smartowel, well, “smart.” Isn’t that enough?! For too long now towels have had to get by with meager intellects. They’ve been just dying to get their hands on some gingko biloba and now, finally, they have got some.

The companies have not announced when this comfortable piece of fabric will be released to huddled, moist masses. They have announced a price point, though, which is equally comfortable. You can have one of these on your post-showered frame for just $20. They don’t come with the cute blond girl or the fit toga dude in the background though. Oh well. You can’t have everything.