Just in time for Halloween, shoes made from human dentures


fantich and young teeth predator shoes 1
Halloween is almost upon us! All of you guys out there, it’s time to prep the beefy Paul Ryan costume or laughing Joe Biden. All of you gals out there, it’s time to prep the Honey Boo Boo costume or time to just throw on a giant binder. Both sexes? Why not try an iPhone 5. If you are the type, however, who errs on the side of creepy on All Hallow’s Eve, may we suggest this pair of shoes made from actual human dentures. Yes, there is no reason to adjust your monitor, you read that right.

UK design firm Fantich and Young have prepped their morbidly fascinating “Apex Predator” shoes. Why the scary name? Well, as stated above, these shoes are made from human dentures. Check the photos for proof. Gross and cool right? These pairs of black balmorals soled with toothy treads are crafted from hundreds of fake teeth. You can be the horrifying belle of the ball at your next Halloween soiree by wearing these bad boys, that’s for sure. You can also scare the heck out of any dentist friends you may have. They deserve it!

Of course, these are just a concept design for now so unless you know someone working at the company you are flat(get it?) out of luck. You’ll have to creepy, kooky and all-together ooky on your own dime. May we suggest scouring dental supply stores for throwaway dentures. In no time at all you’ll be well on your way to having yourself a pair, either that or you’ll be in jail. Hey, “prisoner” is always a classic Halloween costume too.