John Rogers develops EES flexible circuit program, packs circuits into temporary tats


Who doesn’t love temporary tattoos? They allow you to put stupid stuff on your skin and not have it last forever. This is perfect for those drunken nights when the thought of having “420 69” on your left buttock just seems like the most hilarious idea of all time. Now, though, temp tats are also useful. Enter John Rogers and his Epidermal Electronic System.

The Epidermal Electronic Systen, or EES, consists of circuits which could contain electrodes capable of measuring brain, heart and muscle activity exactly like how an EEG does now. Only, you know, it will be on your skin with gives whole new meaning to the phrase “easy access.” This way you can wear the tattoo for elongated periods of time, thus giving doctors a better idea of what’s going on in that meatbag of yours.

Rogers and his cohorts also see the tech being used in a non-medical setting, namely video games. They are working on a prototype that will use the tech as a game controller. This, once again, will give whole new meaning to the phrase “touch screen.” Yowza.