jmpLite is a Runner’s Light That is Powered by Your Body


Exercise. According to ‘doctors’ and ‘science’ we need it on the regular. But how are we to get out and exercise until we sweat when we can stay in and eat pizza until we sweat? It’s a conundrum. Wearable technology has been doing its part to help. Fitness trackers are everywhere. Ditto for smartwatches with similar capabilities. In short order, we’ll all have, in effect, digital personal coaches telling us to get off the couch and work it. However, there is still one more hurdle. It’s unsafe out there! There are trucks and, uh, lions. That’s why runners tend to wear bright clothing or, even better, some kind of lighting unit. Well, here is one of those lighting units that eschews batteries and charging in favor of good, old-fashioned body heat.

The lowercase-loving jmpLite is a runner’s light that can be pinned anywhere on the body. Once it is set, all you do is run. The second you begin working those leg muscles, the energy expended will begin to power the unit. It’s actually pretty cool. Now you have another benefit to all of this exercise, besides feeling good and looking good and all of that. It’s not just for humans, either. The developers suggest that pets could make good use of the tech as well, making themselves well lit at night so as to avoid errant drivers.

This light isn’t out on store shelves yet, however. To get in the ground floor on this whole safe running craze, you are going to have to walk, don’t run, to their Kickstarter and plop down around $15-$20. Hey, that’s not a bad little deal. Although, a delicious pizza costs around that much as well. Decisions, decisions.