Jeff Rowberg’s Keyglove is a wearable keyboard


Jeff Rowberg has designed the extremely functional Keyglove, which is essentially a wearable keyboard. We’ve certainly profiled some cool gloves in the past, but this may just take the cake. Touchscreens have been all the rage the past few years, but Mr. Rowberg has taken the touchscreen out of the equation and essentially made the entire world into one.

The Keyglove is a portable Arduino/Atmel-powered glove that uses touch combinations for keystrokes and a built-in accelometer for mouse control. Best of all, everything is done using only one glove which leaves your other hand free for sandwich eating and high fives.

The whole thing is intended to work wirelessly with the computing device of your choice. This is just a concept, albeit a working one, for now. Head on over to the website to participate in the retail unit discussion.