Jayster Keychain Uses Bluetooth to Help Find Your Stuff


The more technology advances, the more stuff we get in our house. The more stuff we get in our house, and other places, the more chances we have to lose said stuff. The more we lose said stuff the more we go crying to our therapist saying stuff about “the endless frustration of modern life.” Let’s nip this problem in the bud, and get rid of a few therapist’s jobs to boot. What does wearable tech have on the agenda to help us keep track of our many, many gadgets and important items? Well, there is this keychain which uses the magic of Bluetooth to ensure our prized possessions are never too far out of our reach.

The Jayster keychain, appearance wise, may look like your average cutesie keychain with a bird on it. However, the innards of said ‘chain feature Bluetooth technology which can be paired to one, or many, of your beloved keepsakes. Then you get on your phone, be it iOS or Android, and it will tell you where the Jayster is. Keep in mind, this works even if you lose the keychain as it can also be located via Bluetooth. It works even if you lose everything as the locations are tied to an account, which you can access via someone else’s phone. Huzzah! Technology sure is magical.

They haven’t secured funding to finish this project as of yet but the designers have taken to Kickstarter to do just that. If you want to be an early bird catching a Jayster worm, head on over to that page and kick in $35 bucks. In the meantime, hold on to your keepsakes tightly.