Jays to Release Line of Earbuds for Each Mobile Operating System


It’s 2013. Most of us don’t have dedicated MP3 players anymore. We use our phones to listen to music. This is ridiculously convenient, considering they were already in our pockets or purses already. They are just sitting there, waiting to be used. The only downside? Believe it or not, each device delivers a slightly different sound. This is audiophile stuff, but each operating system uses different compressors and audio effects units. The end result being that if you plug in your headphones to an iPhone, the same song will sound just a tad different when you plug em in to your Android.

One company has noticed this most first world of first world problems and decided to do something about it. Swedish audio components manufacturer Jays has announced a new line of earbuds that are designed to work for a specific operating system, thus delivering that phone or tablet’s best sounding music possible. The Jays a-JAYS Five line comes in three different versions: iOS, Windows and Android. Pick your mobile poison, plug em in to your favorite device and prepare to be delivered to a world of sonic excellence. These earbuds also feature flat, tangle-free cables. Tangled cables are probably the most annoying thing on Earth so this is a definite boon to music fans.

Jays hasn’t announced the exact release date but they did say “sometime this summer.” So we advise you to use a marker to highlight from May 21st until September. They have announced the price, however. They come in either black or white, and a pair will set you back around $100.