Jaybird Reign Tells You When to Work Out


The hardest part about working out is definitely getting up and moving your body around in order to burn calories or build muscle. Wait a minute. That’s the only part of working out. OK, so working out kind of sucks. However, we have to do it lest we turn into a giant cheeseburger dipped in sour cream. When to do it? When is the right time to maximize the impact of the workout so we can do it less and get the same effect? There certainly can’t be some wearable tech to tell us that, right? Wrong! It exists and it’s coming soon.

Jaybird, who are no slouches in the world of wearable technology, are back with their Reign armband. This fitness band monitors your vitals like many of its wearable brethren, however with one major distinction. It comes packed in with a software called “Go-Zone” which purports to read minute body indicators in order to know when is the best time for you to work out. Then, like any annoying friend, it reminds you so you can feel the appropriate amount of guilt. Also, to round out the package, it monitors your sleep so you can find out yet another thing you are not good at. The Reign will work with both iOS and Android phones, as far as the app goes.

The company has yet to announce a firm release date but they have said it will launch at a price “slightly below $200” which probably means it will clock in at that much vaunted $199 area. We’ll let you know when this launches.