Cut the Cord with the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

Most people these days use some sort of headphones, whether they are simple, cheap earbuds from the local box store used solely for listening to an MP3 player, or a more advanced pair with a built in microphone for making and receiving hands free telephone calls. But, let’s face it; most headphones just simply aren’t that great, for a number of reasons. Jaybird attempts to counter the negative aspects of normal headphones with the Freedom, a pair of Bluetooth connected, wireless earbuds.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

Potential Advantages of the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones

One of the biggest disadvantages with the traditional headphones is that sound quality is usually less than spectacular. It is understandable considering that most of the traditional headphones are cheaply produced and contain standard miniature speakers. You cannot really expect quality sound with such a cheaply made device. The Jaybird Freedom headset, however, promises premium sound and balance by creating utilizing a pair of speakers with high frequency response and deep bass.

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth EarbudsStandard headphones often do not last very long, either. Again, this is primarily due to the low quality production. Traditional headphones depend on very thin wires to connect the earbuds to the electronic device. These wires, of course, have a tendency to tangle, causing the thin metallic filaments inside to short and break, leading to a pair of headphones that crackle – if they work at all. The Jaybird Freedom headphones, however, are wireless. Since they do not depend on a long, thin wire to carry the audio signals between the device and earbuds, there is nothing to tangle and break.

Jaybird Freedom Specs and Technical Details

On the surface the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth earbud headphones seem to have a pretty impressive set of specs. The headphones feature a pair of 8mm drivers that, according to claims by the manufacturer, delivers premium audio performance and warm base in an effort to eliminate user fatigue. The headphones also offer reliable sound reproduction with its 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response, as well as 114 decibel sensitivity and 32 ohms of impedance. This all, theoretically, makes for some pretty dynamic sound quality for such a small device.

The Freedom headphones also sport a sweat-resistant earbud design with the music controls on the earbud itself, a useful feature for those who like to listen to music while working out. Most impressive, however, is the estimated battery life – 4.5 hours of active use and 250 hours of standby time.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

Sound Quality and Other Concerns

While the specs for this pair of headphones may sound impressive at first glance, sometimes things do not quite work as well as intended. Some users, for instance, have reported that, while the sound quality while listening to music is great, especially with the surprising amount of bass the earbuds produce, the quality during telephone calls are quite different. Complaints range from the caller not being able to hear the user, possibly due to the high position of the microphone on the earbud, to the sound signal fading in and out. And while the battery life sounds promising, users have reported that the battery isn’t lasting quite as long as they should, and sometimes even failing to charger after only a few uses.