Jawbone Updates the Up Bracelet With a Smaller Unit


Exercising is amazing. Exercising is great. Everyone loves it. There is nothing more fun than strapping on some bootstraps, getting out there and making your body hurt for an hour or two. Oh wait. Actually, I was just told by my editor everyone in the known universe hates exercising. Even stalwarts like Lance Armstrong need drugs to get going. However, we don’t endorse drugs but we endorse technology. On that note, there is always awesome new technology coming down the pike to help us get our butts in gear. Here is some more.

You remember Jawbone right? Their Up vitality sensor took the world by storm a year or so ago. Now they are back with a brand new invention. Oh wait. Now they are back with a brand new take on an old invention. The newly updated Up fitness tracking bracelet is much smaller and lighter, which is great as that might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and makes us not exercise. Also, each unit now comes with a charger with is convenient as well as we can always say “well it’s not charged, may as well eat a fried pizza.” If you have an iPhone, the new Up also works well with Siri so you tell it what to do as it tells you to break more of a sweat or whatever.

Best part of all? The new Up is available right now, as we speak! You can get one for $100 on its own and if you spend $130 you’ll get a fancy carrying case and some other knick knacks. Here is, wait for it, a video.