Jawbone Releases Up24, Fitness Band that Syncs Wirelessly


Fitness bands are one of the biggest fields in wearable tech. To the uninitiated, these armbands usually act as vitality trackers, making it easier for you to progress and track the various stages of your work out. In other words, they make it easier to work out. In other words, we need all the help we can get to force our sorry butts off of the couch. Jawbone, and their Up fitness band, was one of the first trackers on the scene. However, the various iterations have been fraught with missteps,  preventing the company from claiming their rightful slice of the fitness pie. They may have finally made one that could do just that.

Introducing Jawbone’s Up24. This fitness band tracks a lot more than just your exercise level. It also keeps an eye on sleep and what you do throughout the day. The info then syncs wirelessly with your phone or tablet, via the magic of Bluetooth, so you can peruse it at your leisure. The company also says that it can work for an entire week without a charge, thanks to a new form of energy conserving Bluetooth tech. This is big considering we all need another device to plug in every night like we need a deep-fried pizza topped with ice cream. Wait. That actually sounds kind of good.

Best of all? Jawbone has announced that this device is available now, as in right as you are reading this. If you are finding all of this lack of sunlight contributing to utter lethargy and a nihilistic world view, maybe you should give a fitness tracker a try. Exercise raises endorphins, doncha know. You can snag an Up24 for around $150.