Japanese researchers to turn your pockets into wireless charging stations


Pockets. We all have them. But besides storing stuff what else can we do with em? Can’t fry an egg on ’em. Can’t charge our phones with ’em. Actually, hold that thought. Thanks to a team of researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) we may have the latter within our grasp. Too bad about the eggs though.

The creators say “”When a 2.4GHz high frequency signal is transmitted through the sheet, it becomes a wireless conductive object.” Basically, electromagnetic waves are captured in the sheet and then concentrated in different areas. In short, it’ll charge stuff.

The power it provides is still pretty weak, clocking at about 1W. Still, the tech is sound and it can only improve in the future. The next step for the team is to bring the tech to soft fabrics. Get ready for some multi-functional pillows.