Japanese Consortium Battles Google Glass With Their Telepathy One



Unless you’ve been living underneath the world’s largest, and least Internet-capable, rock, you no doubt have heard of Google and their marvelous Google Glass eyewear. These sweet specs are coming out in mere months and promise to reinvent not only how you interact with technology but also how you view the world around you. Something that represents such a sea change is sure to have its imitators, and they have taken the call. Just about every large tech company will be throwing their hats in the ring with their own techy eyeglasses. Here is another one to add to the mix.

telepathy-one-2A Japanese consortium of companies have cobbled together their Google Glass killer, the Telepathy One. This smaller, sleeker design does pretty much everything Glass does, only without a tiny display that beams images right into your eyeballs. The Telepathy One goes with a mini-projector to get information to you, laying images right in front of your face. It sounds pretty cool in a Star Trek sort of way. The whole thing is controlled wirelessly via an app in your smartphone or tablet device. It also uses actual in-ear headphones to create sound, unlike the bone amplification unit that will be found in Google Glass.

Of course, without Google’s game-changing suite of official programs and applications, any competitor might find it hard to compete. Still, the lead designer of Telepathy One doesn’t seem worried, saying that everyone that has used the device has been suitably wowed. Speaking of wowed, check out a video of it in action below.