JanSport LiveWire Trinity Backpack


trinity.jpgJansport has released a quite impressive line of iPod enabled Backpack in the Wearable Electronics category. A large variety, that should have for everyone’s taste and preference the right model.

The Trinity is a classic backpack with all the room for books and gym clothes you could ask for. Its comfortable style surrounds one main compartment, an accessory pocket, and an extra-large front panel pocket with an organizer. Just right for School, office or out and round town.

This bag features Jansport’s LiveWire technology which is used in all the other products in the LiveWire range from Jansport..

How this cool new backpack works together with the iPod:

  • LiveWire from JanSport is the name for a range of packs and apparel with integrated connectivity and remote control for your iPod.
  • Your iPod simply plugs into standard iPod docking connectors inside the pack or jacket; your headphones plug into a mounted headphone port right on the shoulder strap for easy cord management.
  • Soft-fabric touch button keypad is integrated on the strap of the pack and on the chest of the jacket gives you complete remote control command of your iPod: on/off, play/pause, forward/reverse and volume.

The Trinity will make it more convenient than ever to enjoy music without the hassle with the wire and player handling on the road or the great outdoors.

Available in three colors for $99.90 on eBay’s online store or many other places.