Jansport Audio Backpack


janspaudio.jpgJansport’s iPod controlling Backpack model ‘Audio‘ uses Live Wire technology that takes the hassle out of on-the-go music listening.

Developed by JanSport in association with Apple, the AudioPack incorporates JanSports LiveWire audio system, which allows you to listen to your iPod on the move via an integrated remote control system built into the strap of the backpack. LiveWire is compatible with third generation iPods as well as other CD and MP3 players.

The remote control keypad and earphone cord management system are positioned within the AudioPack’s right shoulder strap. The keypad is simple to use and gives users five-button control of iPod features – volume, forward, reverse, pause, and play, with the added bonus of Power-off if you want to save on battery life. Your player is held securely in place via JanSport’s “V-Loft pocket”.Complete Feature overview:

  • LiveWire technology with a plus – complete iPod control
  • Controls the iPod without having to take it out of the backpack or jacket pocket
  • Soft-fabric key pad integrated into the backpack shoulder straps
  • Five-button command of all iPod features, including volume, forward, reverse, pause, and play
  • Power-off button extends precious battery life, while other systems just dampen the volume
  • Dual-port connection for compatibility with any generation iPod
  • Foam moulded main compartment
  • Live-Wire iPod Audio control in Aircore Straps
  • Low jack
  • V-Loft pocket with padded electronics pocket
  • Side mesh bottle pocket

The Audio Backpack is available in three colors for $125,- and can be ordered via this online store.