Jansport Alt Pack – iPod and mobile phone management in a Backpack


jansport_alt.jpgMay I introduce the Alt Pack from Jansport.

It uses the same iPod connections as the Audio Pack but has additional Bluetooth connectivity.

Why Bluetooth?

Imagine the following scenario: you listen to the iPod and you get a call on your mobile phone. Something that happens all the time. Instead of putting the iPod in pause mode, remove your headphones and take your phone call you could easily manage both, the iPod and your cell phone with a Bluetooth link.

And that’s what Jansport has done. When your mobile phone rings, press the Bluetooth button on the Alt Pack and your iPod pauses, your phone’s audio comes through your headphones, and a microphone hidden near the Bluetooth button picks up your voice.

Press the Bluetooth button again to hang up; your iPod resumes the playback. A small plastic housing for the Bluetooth and battery compartment is hidden in a pouch in a compartment of the bag. The Bluetooth function is powered by 3 AAA batteries.jansportpad.jpg

One button press is all you have to do to manage your iPod and your mobile phone seamlessly.

The small price to pay is that you have to set up Bluetooth before using this link for the first time.

You have to pair your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with the bag as you would pair your your Bluetooth enabled phone with any other Bluetooth device. After that first and only one time needed pairing, you are ready to enjoy this outstanding, consumer friendly feature of the Alt Pack.

A great and almost ‘out of this world’ product that truly makes life easier for us road warriors.

It’s your for only $299,- and you can pick it up on eBags online store.